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Information About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have a very niche living environment and a particular way they should be dealt with. Unlike common belief, bed bugs are not a result of poor sanitation or improper care of a space. Bed bugs are simply spread through a bed bug infested item coming into contact with a uninfested item. Many bed bugs began their infestation through international travel, spreading into pieces of clothing, furniture, and other fabrics that acted as a home for them. These opportunistic crawlers enter into new territories by hiding in clothing, bedding, and other belongings that have had been exposed to bed bugs. Since they are so small and quite the survivalists, it takes a special heat treatment to entirely rid them of a space.


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Bed bugs are a tricky pest to deal with. Only the size of an apple seed, bed bugs linger throughout rooms, hiding and developing their bed bug community. These creepy crawlers hide amongst your living areas and business spaces through contaminated fabrics and surfaces, multiplying their presence and irritating those who occupy the space.  

Where Bed Bugs Live


Identifying Bed Bugs


What Bed Bugs Do


Bed bugs are tricky insects. Incredibly small in size, bed bugs live amongst furniture, cracks in the walls, and the worst, your bed! At night, bed bugs feed on human blood and through that infusion and metamorphosis, they are able to develop and even reproduce.


Infestation are most common in residential spaces and business spaces. However, often times, people exposed to bed bugs don’t react to their presence in and around their home, office, or body. Sometimes it takes a serious bed bug problem to get the attention of a bed bug victim that something is wrong!


Depending on severity, bed bug bites leave a swollen, irritated, red splotch on skin, representing the chosen area to feed on. Although they aren’t known to transmit disease, bed bugs offer the possibility of the transmittance of HIV and Hepatitis B through transference of human blood. While this doesn’t happen often, it shows the importance of having your bed bugs dealt with and exterminated correctly! Superior Solutions’ thermal remediation treatment eliminates bed bugs and their eggs by raising the temperature of a room to a point beyond which bed bugs can survive. We also offer ant extermination in New Jersey that can rid your house, office, and belongings of insects in a matter of a day!


It’s important to be informed on bed bugs and their secretive existence. Keep these details in mind in order to keep your space bed bug-free. And if they should still migrate into your home or office, give Superior Solutions Pest and Termite Control a call today!


These small bugs are tough to spot. Usually the size of an apple seed, bed bugs are oval-shaped and wingless, ranging from ¼ of an inch to ⅜ of an inch. Nocturnal in their nature, bed bugs feed at night on human blood, and usually live for a six month time period. Watch for shedded exoskeletons along the crevices of your bed and furniture, as adult bed bugs shed of their skin during a night of feeding.

Once you know how to identify bed bugs, it’s necessary to know where you might spot them. Primarily living in beds and other home furniture, bed bugs are difficult pests to spot. Being nocturnal, they come out in the dark and crawl around to feed. Living amongst the fabric of bedding and pillows, bed bugs spread to other aspects of a house like clothing, behind picture frames, under loose wallpaper and inside alarm clocks, lamps, and televisions. In more extreme cases, bed bugs can be found inside ceilings and walls, making their migration more vast and more difficult to exterminate.


By raising the overall temperature of a room to a point beyond which bed bugs can live, Superior Solutions pest control in New Jersey can penetrate infested walls, ceilings, and furniture to rid your home or business of bed bugs!

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Our approach to exterminating bed bugs is simple and effective. The Bed Bug Inspection Dog represents the newest technology and latest trend in the war against Bed Bugs. First, we send an unmarked vehicle to your location. Our bed bug inspector, Emmie has been trained to specifically detect the presence and odor of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. Emmie inspects with olfaction, rather than vision, and she is able to detect as little as one adult bed bug. Then we assess the situation with experience and knowledge gathered throughout 30 years of specialized work.


Once assessed, we then begin to set up the area for our thermal remediation treatment which gets hot enough to penetrate the walls, ceilings, furniture and fabrics in your house to eliminate the bed bugs. We run the thermal remediation treatment through generators, so all the electricity used is supplied by us, not you.


After, our thermal remediation sensors ensure each space is heated to a high enough temperature, then our thermal remediation fans push out the air in order to get clean, fresh air back into the space.


Bed Bug Dogs