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Since 1987, Superior Solutions Pest and Termite Control has aided New Jersey residents who have needed pest control in New Jersey.


It’s important to be informed about the types of pests and termites familiar to the Cumberland County area and their dangerous presence in all kinds of buildings. Keep these details in mind in order to keep your space pest free and safe from health and foodborne risks. And if they should still get into your home or office, give Superior Solutions Pest and Termite Control a call today!

Cumberland County


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What Kind of Pest Problems Could I Have?


In Cumberland County, termite and pest problems often are a result from the humidity and dampness in the environment and climate. Because of this, certain pests, termites, and rodents flourish.


Here are some of the pests, termites, and rodents you could experience health risks and property damage from.


The Eastern subterranean termite is the known to be the most common and widely spread termite in the United States and can live comfortable in the Cumberland County. To keep their bodies from drying out, termites seek humid environments in order to keep their bodies moist and healthy. Termites often build nests in wet wall cavities created from common unknown or unattended to household repairs like plumbing, leaky pipes, and roof problems. Our pest control in Cumberland County works primarily with these Eastern subterranean termites and we know just the ways to rid them from any space!


More often than not, rodents will make their way into homes and buildings when it is too wet outside, making Cumberland County’s rainfall average another factor in experiencing rodent problems. Depending on the species of rodent, rats and mice tend to find their home by burrowing or grouping in a variety of secluded places. Some species of rats live in sewers, tree tops, and have adapted to live amongst rooftops of houses and buildings.


In a majority of circumstances, ants live in walls, cracks and small openings of wood and wood surfaces. Areas where the air or wood is damp and similar to their preferred climate, similar to Cumberland County’s, allow ants to live and maintain a colony. Ants also tend to migrate into a house from shrubbery and bushes in the yard that run along the house, avoiding rainfall and overly wet climates that would flood them out.


These are a few of the most common instances of needing pest solutions in New Jersey that we specialize in!

Residential Termite and Pest Control in Cumberland County


Throughout the counties and areas that we provide termite and pest solutions in, we offer specialized residential termite and pest control in New Jersey. Pests, rodents, insects, and bed bugs stand no chance in the state of New Jersey with our various EPA approved techniques of getting rid of them.


At Superior Solutions Termite and Pest Control, our goal is to make the process of dealing with these pesky pests as easy as possible for our clients, so their everyday activities aren’t affected in the slightest by these creepy crawlers. We offer free inspections and reasonable rates to make the pain of pests a little bit easier!


Commercial Termite and Pest Control in Cumberland County


In the counties and areas that we provide offer pest solutions in, we offer specialized commercial termite control in New Jersey to make sure your business is as least effected as possible by termite and pest problems. Our safe extermination methods and EPA approved products make it possible for your business to function unaffected while termites, rodents, and pests are running away!


Inspecting the layout of the building for signs of termites and pests, our team will inspect the ins-and-outs of all buildings to ensure that all common entry points for rodents and pests are taken care of without using harmful chemicals. Our unmarked vehicles show up and keep your termite and pest problems behind closed doors so your business’ reputation is safe.

Info about Cumberland County


Cumberland County lies in the southern region of New Jersey, bordering the Delaware Bay. Being so close to the coast, Cumberland County tends to have a moist and humid climate, serving as a sought after refuge for some termites and pests and a factor to find a new home for some rodents and ants.


A majority of the termite, pest, and rodent problems we see in New Jersey have something to do with the moisture in the climate. Being right on the coast, Cumberland County frequently experiences more humid conditions which serve as a breeding ground for the more common termites and pest problems in the area.


What Makes Cumberland County Prone to Termite and Pest Problems?


Having a humid climate, common to states on the Eastern coast, Cumberland County in New Jersey has an environment that serves as a home to insects and rodents while also urging some ants, rodents, insects, and termites to more livable environments like homes and businesses.