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Need Ant Extermination in New Jersey? 

Superior Solutions has the tricks to kick out ants and other insects!

Everybody loves a parade… unless it’s full of marching ants! If you’re endlessly searching “ant extermination New Jersey”, look no further! Superior Solutions can provide the help you need.


Ants have consistently been one of the most frequently seen pests in extermination needs. These tiny crawlers have a handful of unique qualities that allow them to live for up to 30 years long, giving them plenty of time to occupy your house or office space. It’s always good to be ready for any ant or insect problems, knowing about the ants and how to deal with them as fast and effectively as possible.


Where Ants Live

Information About Ants

Although they are tiny, the variety of ant species ranges from harmless little crawlers to a little larger and much more destructive species. New Jersey’s climate and ecology offer quite the habitat for ants to live and flourish in. Ants are drawn to New Jersey homes primarily by food, warmth, or moisture. Ants colonize in houses to meet their survival needs and can begin to cause noticeable property and structural damage to a building.


The most common ants in New Jersey tend to be carpenter ants, a species that tends to nestle in wood for their home. Some other species of ants that residents of New Jersey might commonly see are Acrobat ants, Citronella ants, Pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, and Odorous House ants.


Acrobat ants tend to be difficult to spot in a building because they are so small and not very harmful to people or property, similar to the Citronella ant who doesn’t cause much damage to property either. Unlike these two species, Pavements ants occupy buildings and eat quite a wide variety of food, including household food in cabinets, pantries, and the like. Pharaoh ants have a much more dangerous aspect to them then these other species. Pharaoh ants are known to be very difficult to control and can transfer harmful pathogens to humans, so it’s important to keep an eye out for these little guys!

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At Superior Solutions Termite and Pest Control, we use eco-safe methods to rid your house or business space from ants and other pests. We offer the most advanced techniques available to the market, using organic, inorganic and bait products. Your pets won't ingest dangerous amounts of poison thanks to our environmentally safe, EPA approved products, which allow them to stay indoors and out of trouble. We also offer a comprehensive package that includes general yard treatments as well as indoor service, preventing ants and other pests from colonizing in your yard and building structure while getting rid of those that have already colonized in the house, business, or building structure.


Before you use harmful chemical products, give Superior Solutions Termite and Pest Control a call for an effective extermination process. Each of our service professionals is trained to treat your home with the same level of dedication and professionalism as they would their own.

How Superior Solutions Gets Rid of Ants and Other Insects

Most commonly, ants live in walls, cracks and small openings of wood and wood fixtures, where the air is humid and similar to their preferred climate. Ants also tend to migrate into a house from shrubbery and bushes in the yard that run along the house. These places and in uncovered garbage are typically the most common places that ants occupy in a household environment, as well as, the household yard. However, with our pest solutions in New Jersey, we can stamp out your ants and other creepy crawlies no problem!

What Ants Do

The location of where ants colonize, as well as, the species of ant determines what exactly an ant colony might do in and around your house. Some ants will colonize in desired areas of a building while some stay outside, however the species that are significant to the New Jersey state tend to leave marks about where they’ve been and what they’re doing.


Carpenter ants colonize in and around damp wood structures. This mean in the walls of your building or even among a picture a frame, these ants are out and about chewing through the wood and hollowing it out over time.


Odorous house ants will emit a terrible odor as a defense tactic, and spread throughout a building resulting in the need for professional extermination.


A more dangerous ant is the Pharaoh ant who can transfer harmful pathogens to humans including salmonella and Streptococcus pyogenes. Any possibility of transference of bacteria is an opportunity for the Pharaoh ant to spread bacteria and harmful pathogens like these to consumable or highly-used surfaces.


Pavement ants are one of the most common house-infesting ants in the Mid-Atlantic region, popular to New Jersey. This species tends to focus their efforts on eating a variety of foods. Adapting over years, pavement ants have learned to live amongst humans in buildings, feeding off of food left out or not properly disposed of. If you're looking for ant extermination or termite control in New Jersey, you've come to the right place!