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Since 1987, Superior Solutions Pest and Termite Control has aided New Jersey residents who have struggled with pest and termite problems in their homes and business spaces. Ranging through six different New Jersey counties, Superior Solutions Termite and Pest Control in New Jersey offers a wide variety of services to attack your bed bug, termite, insect, and rodent troubles before the damage starts!


If you are battling any species of termite problems in the Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Cape May County, Mays Landing area, Gloucester County, or in the Franklin Twp. area of New Jersey, our services are available for you. Don’t go another day with pest and termite problems when you can start getting rid of them today with a free initial inspection and quote.


Information About Termites

Throughout the world, termites continue to be the nuisance that they’ve always been. In the United States alone, there are over 50 species of termites, and around 20 of those are termites that destroy wood surfaces. The three major termite species seen in the United States are subterranean termites, drywood termites, and dampwood termites. Depending on the area in the United States, these termite species can flourish and cause real damage to your property or belongings. Nearly 4 million homes in the United States face the destructive nature of pesky termites each year!


Termites Are Built For Destruction

The title says it all. Termites cause an estimated $5 million of damage each year in United States homes alone, ranking as the most destructive of insects that we provide pest solutions for. Believe it or not, subterranean termites, a species very common to the New Jersey area, cause more damage in homes than storms and fires combined. They also are the cause of over 90% of the termite damage seen in the United States. The destruction caused by termites is extreme and should be handled as such!

The Eastern Subterranean Termite

The Eastern subterranean termite is the known to be the most common and widely spread termite in the United States. They range from Utah and spread East throughout the rest of the Midwest and Eastern states due to the frequent moisture in those environments.


Our termite control in New Jersey works primarily with these Eastern subterranean termites and we know just the ways to rid them from any space!


What Termites Do

Terminates begin to colonize in ideal areas throughout the year depending on the environment they’re surrounded by. In New Jersey, these Eastern subterranean termites travel below the surfaces frost line, allowing them to colonize and live throughout the year. A colony of termites can have anywhere from a thousand to millions of foragers within a single colony. These pests chew through wood, lead, asphalt, and other surfaces that are common to a household or business space to find wood.


Where Termites Live

In the moisture of New Jersey, termites find the perfect environment to live and thrive in. To keep from drying out their bodies, termites seek humid environments in order to keep their bodies moist too. Termites often build nests in wet wall cavities created from common unknown or unattended to household repairs like poor plumbing, leaky pipes, and roof problems. Once their area is interrupted or disturbed, termites will slowly, but surely move to a new area. It’s important to have a certified team of termite solution specialists inspect and take action, to not further develop their stay.  

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Our Solutions to Your Termite Troubles!

Native subterranean termites are the most common to the New Jersey area and tend to be one of the most destructive species. It’s important to identify the species of termites in order to utilize the most effective control and solution plan. Since New Jersey consistently provides a habitat of moisture, Eastern Subterranean Termites can occupy the area year round. Being a high risk for those homeowners and businesses in the area, we offer a free inspection and quote to get you on the path to a termite-free space, as fast as we possibly can.


Pests, rodents, insects, and bed bugs stand no chance in the state of New Jersey with our various EPA approved techniques of exterminating them. At Superior Solutions Termite and Pest Control, our goal is to make the process of dealing with these pesky pests as easy as possible for our clients, where their everyday activities aren’t affected in the slightest by these creepy crawlers.


Depending on the county or area of New Jersey that you are in, contact us for a free inspection today. Within a few hours of the initial treatment, your home or business can be checked for these pests and rid of them in a short time.


Insects, termites, rodents, and bed bugs should be kept outside in their natural environment, and we do our best to make that a reality! Call now for a quote on termite or bed bug control in New Jersey!


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